Organizational Climate and Employees’ Satisfaction

Organizational Climate and Employees’ Satisfaction is a method used for defining satisfaction and motivation factor and therewith employees’ productivity.

  • This research is of key significance in explaining and understanding people’s behavior in an organization and how the employees perceive the work environment.

This research helps companies to define areas ofimprovement within the company or helps to determine the effect of the changes already introduced.

The organizational climate and the employees’ satisfaction are measured by questionnaire, inventory and ascale composed of a greater number of statements that describe different aspects of the organization including:

  • Organization/Systematization

  • Leadership/Management Style

  • Opportunities for professional and career development

  • Organizational belonging

  • Relation to the quality of work

    • Products and services

    • Awareness of the mission, vision, values and company goals

    • Remuneration & Benefits Policy

    • Motivation

    • Communication and information systems within the company

    • Interpersonal relations

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