Organizational Design

The organizational design is an outcome of the process of shaping the organizational structure in order to align the structure with the business strategy, functions, processes and the context in which the company exists.

Corporate policies development

Policies and procedures provide a framework in which the organization functions and at the same time define formal system of relationships and tasks at all levels in the organization.

Based on DEKRA methodology, expertise and know-how, we create policies and procedures to improve company’s efficiency and effectiveness.


Job design, assessment and mapping

By designing a formal system, DEKRA enables clients to manage, coordinate and motivate employees to achieve long-term company goals.


  • Mapping business processes

  • Mapping job positions

  • Designing job positions

  • Mapping and fitting the employees on their positions and their coordination within the organizational structure

DEKRA Principles

  • Our consultancy services are customized to your business.

  • We provide wide range of HR solutions tailored to your needs.

  • We apply innovative and comprehensive approach.

  • We focus on long-standing partnership and support.