Our outplacement support procedure has been designed to facilitate the employment termination process due to downsizing, redundancies, by providing timely and adequate transition solutions to both employer and employee.

Our outplacement services include:

  • Executive outplacement programs for senior managers and executives

  • Individual outplacement programs

  • Job-search workshops where a number of staff are being laid offи

  • Research and information services, including market intelligence, business information etc.

  • Networking

Our programs are tailored to the specific situation and can be applied individually, as one-on-one coaching, or to a group, as a group training / workshop.

DEKRA Principles

  • Our consultancy services are customized to your business.

  • We provide wide range of HR solutions tailored to your needs.

  • We apply innovative and comprehensive approach.

  • We focus on long-standing partnership and support.