After Shopping is a research method that provides information about your clients/customers decision to buy or not to buy your products and/or services.

The after shopping takes place right after the customer leaves the store, while the impression is still fresh.Trained interviewers conduct a short interview with the customersand record the customers’ answers. Based on the research data gathered through a structured interview, DEKRA prepares a report including information about your customer needs, how they are perceiving your products / services, what influenced their decision to buy or not to buy your products / services, what do they think about the competitors, and what would they like you to do in future to keep using your products / services.

DEKRA Principles

  • We provide information to serve the client’s needs.

  • We guarantee confidentiality of research information and findings.

  • We nurture professional responsibilitytowards our clients.

  • We ensure validity and on time delivery of results.