Mystery Shopping is a market research method in which the trained mystery shoppers are acting as potential buyers of your services / products and they estimate to which extent the actions and the behavior of your employees, during interaction with customers, comply with the established standards.

According to predefined criteria, they measure the quality of the services and then, objectively and thoroughly, report for their experience.

By applying this method, DEKRA enables clients to develop existing standards and to raise the satisfaction of customers/clients.


  • Define processes
  • Determine visit frequency
  • Develop “time chart”
  • Create scenario / questionnaires
  • Recruitment and training of “mystery shoppers”
  • Field work: performing shopping/buying
  • Field work: feedback
  • Data analysis
  • Reports

The questionnaire used in the survey is created in cooperation with the client. The questionnaire is structured logically including yes/no and multiple choice answersto eliminate any subjectivity. Open-ended questions can be used, but only to allow mystery shoppers to share observations in support of yes/no responses.If needed, additional comments could be asked from the mystery shoppers.

DEKRA Principles

  • We provide information to serve the client’s needs.

  • We guarantee confidentiality of research information and findings.

  • We nurture professional responsibility towards our clients.

  • We ensure validity and on time delivery of results.